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The Animals


Tempisque Safari Adventures we strive to achieve a culture of conservation and preserving endangered species so that future generations can enjoy, learn from nature and respect animals and wildlife in general.

Some of the animals that can be found at our Wildlife Refuge  are :

coco1Crocodiles ( Crocodylus acutus )

Crocodiles are reptiles that are characterized by their large size, they are in danger of extinction. It is estimated that they emerged and flourished during the Mesozoic era, also known as the reptile era, when reptiles and dinosaurs were dominant.

lapasMacaws (Ara macao)

These exotic birds are very much endangered by habitat destruction and poaching. At Tempisque Safari we protect and create an environment fit for them to lay eggs in their natural habitats. They feed mainly on, seeds, fruits and occasionally insects. They can measure up to 85 cm.

capyCapybaras ( Hydrochoerus hydrochoerus )

The capybara is without a doubt  the largest rodent in the world and can weigh up to 160 pounds. They live in the grasslands of the river banks and lakes. They  never roam to far from of water and are excellent swimmer. Their natural predators include Jagurs, crocodiles and boas.

tucanToucans ( Ramphastos sulfuratus )

All members of this family have,colorful  long and thick elegant beaks. They feed mainly on fruits, insects and small rodents. They nest in hollow opennings in trees , laying two to four eggs at a time.

iguanaIguanas (Iguana iguana)

Iguanas are reptiles with a maximum length of two meters, Iguanas green skin is covered with scales for protection and also to minimize effect on the long periods of exposure to sunlight . Iguanas green color is also a great camouflage when resting on tree limbs around riverbanks and lakes, its color allows them to pass unnoticed by airborne predators such as hawks.

dantaTapirs ( Tapirus bairdii )

This species is in the critical endangered category. At Tempisque Safari we have rescued several seriously wounded and nourished them back to health, out of these we have successfully bred several generations that can be seen at our Wildlife Refuge. Tapirs Play an important role in nature as seed dispersers in the tropical forests of Central America .

boaBoas ( Boa constrictor )

Boas are also threatened as their natural habitats have diminished due to crop plantations, these reptiles are primarily nocturnal.  Boas Consume a variety of prey, mammals, birds and some reptiles. Depending their diet and conditions  can grow from 30cm to 60cm. per year and can reach up to 4 meters in length.

emuOSTRICH  (Struthio camelus)

The Ostrich is as we know the largest bird in the world . In this group we also find rheas, nandu and emu .They are birds that have adapted to terrestrial life using their legs, their legs are well developed and extremely strong as the only instrument of locomotion. They are native to Africa.

venadoDeer (Odocoileus virginianus )

The White tail deer or Cotton tail deer is active in the day and even more active at night. They rest in  surface sites located in dense herbaceous and / or shrubby vegetation .  They are herbivores that feed on leaves, shoots, flowers, seeds, fruit and bark.


Caucels are petite, spotted cats, resembling small, slender ocelots (Leopardus pardalis). Head and body length range from 463 to 790mm, with tail length 331 to 510mm. Weight 2.6 to 3.9 kg. Dark brown spots form longitudinal rows; fur otherwise tan (range: grayish to cinnamon) above, white ventrally. The pelage of these cats is soft and thick.

bufaloBuffalo American Bison

Bison bulls may weigh a ton, cows top out around 1,100 pounds and calves weigh about 65 pounds when born. They are native to North America.


The boars are covered with a skin of rough bristles as hair, ranging in shades of dark gray to brown. Another feature is that boars have four continuously growing tusks, one in each quadrant of the jaw.

ssBranta Sandvicensis

The Nene Goose reaches a length of 53cm-66cm (21in-26in). The Nene has yellow-buff cheeks and black feathers on the back of its neck, the top of its head, and its face. Diagonal rows of creamy-white feathers form deep furrows along its neck. Males and females are similar in size and markings.

To Visit Tempisque Safari Adventure is an unforgettable experience, you can  observe and photograph a great number of wild animal species in their natural habitat. You and your friends and family are also able to get up real close to some of our animals and feed and touch some of them also.  You can learn from the different species that live in the park, observe their eating habits , and see them in their natural environment .

Finally, if all the excitement  works up an appetite, we invite you to join us in our restaurant for delicious typical Costa Rican casado, typical food and natural fruit juices harvested in the area.
Tempisque Safari Adventures is located in the Guanacaste Province , where you will observe extensive land areas and cattle farmland . With an average climate of 28 º C and a height just above sea level of 25 meters, it has a very similar resemblance to certain parts of the African continent. This why it is a suitable site for several species that we have successfully adapted in our Safari Adventure such as the Ostriches.


Information Tempisque Safari Animals

All animals we have in Tempisque Safari that are not found free in the park, is because they could not  live in nature on their own.
Also animals that are not endemic to our area or country are in large enclosed areas due to breeding programs which are subject to strict evaluation further to their release. Several species of which are in captivity have been captured, wounded or hunted illegally by poachers and have come to us in the form of grants through Minae or others,we receive them and nuture them in hopes that they can some day be reintroduced to nature, but some of them are permanent guests as they wouldn’t be able to fend for themselves in the wildlife even after recovery.
Also by agreement with MINAE and MIRENEM , Tempisque Safari is responsible for keeping them in suitable conditions to live in until they can be released or depending on the situation of each animal to become permanent residents of our shelter conditions. Because otherwise they will most likely be hunted or just not have enough skills to survive on their own account. Sometimes the damage done by hunters and other people is irreversible.
In these cases Tempisque Safari will feed them, nurture them and care for them and adapt a space and a place to live . Our intention is that all animals are in an environment as similar to their natural habitat.
Our mission is to conserve, preserve and generate an interest in these species for our future generations.

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    Our tour of the upper gulf is a 1:30 hour ride by boat across the Rio de Tempisque bordering property Tempisque Safari Adventures, Palo Verde National Park and Bajuras Tempisque is proudly home to the highest concentration waterfowl in Central America.

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