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The Tour


Tempisque Safari Adventures Tour description:

We realize that one of the most important factors for a successful wildlife tour lies in the number and quality of wildlife encounters. Our goal is to get you as close to the action as safely as possible by having you in the right places at the right times.  If you love animals and wildlife, Tempisque Safari Adventures is the place for you.

To visit Tempisque Safari Adventures is to live an unforgettable experience, not only because you can observe and photograph an impressive variety of wild animals in their natural habitat, but you can also interact with many of them.  You can learn about the different species that live in the park, their feeding habits, see how they are raised and how they live freely in their natural surroundings.

The amazing abundance of wildlife at Tempisque Safari Adventures will guarantee that you will have close encounters with wild animals as well as tame ones that can be approached to take pictures with.

Take a walk through our natural trails, take in the fresh air from the Tempisque River Lowlands, and share side by side with Tapirs, Deer and Emus accompanying you freely through your journey.  All this while Macaws, Whistling Ducks and many other types of birds are flying gracefully the air above you back and forth to and from Palo Verde National Park.

Animals that you are guaranteed to see at our Wild Life Refuge:

a)      Tapir

b)      Scarlet Macaws

c)      Monkeys

d)     Ostriches, Emus, Ñandu, Rhea

e)      Ocelots, Margay , SmallMountain Tiger

f)       Toucans

g)      Crocodiles

h)      Wild Ducks(Whistling Ducks, Muscovy, Teel and Mallard)

i)        Jabirú  ( Galán sin ventura)

j)        Water Dog

k)      White tail deer

l)        Green Iguanas

m)    Capybaras

n)      Wild boars(White Collared and White Lipped)

o)      Boa Constrictors

p)      American Bison

q)      Kinkajou

r)       Water Buffalos

s)       Guatuzas

t)       Tepezcuintle

u)      Chocuacos

And many more birds that inhabit our Lowlands

Guides and our staff will accompany and guide you during the way.  We are committed to provide you with an unsurpassed level of service.

Costa Rica and Tempisque Safari Adventures Conservation

Of its 31,927 sq. mi, Costa Rica has 25% of its land protected, either by National Parks or Wildlife Refuges.  In our Tropical Rainforests, Cloud Forests and within its boundaries, our country´s biodiversity attracts nature lovers from all around.

In Costa Rica there are approximately 205 species of mammals, 845 species of birds and 218 species of reptiles, some of which are threatened to extinction.

At Tempisque Safari Adventures we have developed a Breeding area and Wildlife Refuge dedicated to the reproduction of wild animals in danger of extinction. When the animals are ready, they are released into their natural habitat and protected in this project of extensive pasture land, which has been declared Animal Rescue Center and Ecological Wildlife Refuge by the Costa Rican Government.

We are part of the Conservation Area of the Tempisque Lowlands, bordering  the Tempisque River, alongside Palo Verde National Park, in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica.

Tempisque Safari Adventures presently has groups of animals native to Costa Rica as well as other species that have been bred in our refuge, offering visitors the opportunity to observe and also interact with them.

Our mission at Tempisque Safari Adventures is to achieve a conservation oriented culture and contribute by preserving endangered species so that future generations can enjoy and at the same time learn from the effort that we are undertaking.

Animal Feeding

We offer crocodile feeding shows, as well as macaws feeding on each tour.   Here and during the whole time you will be able to interact with many animals, providing for great photo opportunities and the chance to learn a lot more about Costa Rican Native Wildlife, as well as animals from other areas.  We ask our visitors to help us by not feeding any of the animals, other than what is part of our Tour.

Our Tour

Our tour of the upper gulf is a 1.5 hour boat ride across the Rio Tempisque, along the Tempisque Safari Adventures property, Palo Verde National Park, and Bajuras Tempisque, which is proudly home to the highest waterfowl concentration in Central America.

To visit Tempisque Safari Adventures is an unforgettable experience! You will observe and interact with an impressive variety of wild animals in their natural habitat.

Bring your camera! You will definitely want to create photographic or video memories of your unique experience enjoying your time here!

What to wear

We suggest shorts and a short sleeved shirt; tennis shoes, rubber shoes, or any type of comfortable walking shoes (no open-toes); cap or hat; and sunscreen.

What to Bring

Bring your camera with plenty film or memory if it is a digital,   since this an amazing experience to enjoy while interacting with our animals.

For Our Children´s Children

At the moment we are working on setting up a foundation to help the conservation of the area and wildlife in the Tempisque Lowlands, TempisqueRiver and Palo Verde National Park, all in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica.  With your visit you can help maintain Natural Beauty like you have never seen before for our generation and those to come.


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    Our tour of the upper gulf is a 1:30 hour ride by boat across the Rio de Tempisque bordering property Tempisque Safari Adventures, Palo Verde National Park and Bajuras Tempisque is proudly home to the highest concentration waterfowl in Central America.

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