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About Wildlife Refuge

To visit Tempisque Safari Adventures is an unforgettable experience,  you will observe and photograph an impressive variety of wild animals in their natural habitat.
Our mission  at Tempisque Safari Adventures is to create a culture of conservation and preservation. Our programs include many endemic and endangered species. We offer this adventure so that future generations can enjoy and learn from this conservation effort.


The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, this way you can relax and take in the amazing world of Tempisque Safari Adventures.
We suggest shorts and short sleeved shirts, tennis shoes, rubber shoes or any type of shoes you feel at case in, cap or hat and sunscreen.
For afternoon tours we recommend long pants, rubber shoes or tennis shoes.


Bring your camera  since this an amazing experience to enjoy while interacting with our animals..


The Places

Our Central American country is widely known for being home to the friendliest of people.  Ticos as we are called, are also known for our appreciation of National Ideals, which are Peace and Democracy.  Its 4 million friendly people along with its many Natural Resources contribute to COSTA RICA´s popularity.  Our National emblems are the Yiquirro(Bird) the Orchid(Flower) and the Guanacaste (Tree) which Ticos cherish, respect, and take care of.

Of its 31,927 sq. mi. COSTA RICA has 25% of its land protected, either by National Parks or Wildlife Refuges.  In our Tropical Rainforests, Cloud Forests and within its boundaries, our country´s biodiversity attracts nature lovers from all around, proudly being home in the Tempisque Lowlands to the highest concentration of waterfowl in Central America.

Christopher Columbus named us in 1502 “The Rich Coast” after being dazzled by the gold worn by friendly natives who came out to greet him from his journey.  On either of our Rich Coasts, Atlantic(131 mi. long) or Pacific(630 mi. long) you may enjoy great beaches, which may be White or Dark Sand.  Sportfishing is good along our coasts, making us a top destination for Fishermen.  Surfing is a sport that is strong in Costa Rica, having Pavones Beach on the Pacific Coast with some of the best reported Surf in Central America.

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How to get there

Adress: Route 1

From La Amistad Bridge, Tempisque River, 6 kms until Quebrada Honda, and 29 kms until Rosario following the road signs.

Adress: Route 2

From the crossing of Nicoya-Sta. Cruz, 30 kms until Rosario following the road signs.

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  • The Tour

    Our tour of the upper gulf is a 1:30 hour ride by boat across the Rio de Tempisque bordering property Tempisque Safari Adventures, Palo Verde National Park and Bajuras Tempisque is proudly home to the highest concentration waterfowl in Central America.

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